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Beware of Fake & Counterfeit Revo Sunglasses

Fake & Counterfeit Revo Sunglasses

Beware if you're trying to buy Revo sunglasses online! Monopolistic entities like Amazon and Ebay host several dozen sellers of cheap, Chinese sunglasses with fraudulent claims of having "Revo Lens(es)". Several of these sellers have been permitted to slang these fakes on Ebay and Amazon for over a decade.

Any claim from any seller, that any non-Revo frame holds actual Revo lenses is 1,000% false--and fraudulent. REVO HAS NEVER SOLD THEIR PROPRIETARY LENS TECHNOLOGY. Call Revo & ask!! I have.

I have purchased some of these off of Ebay, just to find out for myself. I called Revo, and was informed that I had purchased fakes--just as I'd suspected! When I left negative feedback for the sellers of this cheap, Chinese junk--I was kicked off of Ebay. They told me it came down to a "business decision" Ebay informed me that they would rather do business with the several dozen sellers of Chinese, fake, fraudulent 'Revo' sunglasses, then allow me to continue selling my collection (which I'd been successfully pleasing 100's customers doing, for over seven years).  THIS MAKES EBAY COMPLICIT IN FRAUD.

I have pointed this out to Ebay several times--and they don't want to correct the problem. Basically, anyone who wants to sell cheap, mirrored lens sunglasses can Spam the brand name Revo, and claim to have actual, authentic "Revo Lenses". Strangely, no body is Spamming "Oakley Lenses", or if they are these are being removed for Copyright/Brand Infringement.

Ebay likes to point to their VERO program as the cleansing source for their website, from fakes andn counterfeits. Yet, if you contact the current only person listed on Ebay as a VERO Rep, they have a GMAIL.COM email account (NOT REVO.COM)--and, they "claim" to be a Consultant for Revo. While you can reach a person at this address, strangely, they cease communication when you inquire anything, or request any action. Ask how they consult, and you will not receive an answer. Ask them to investigate & remove sellers who Spam the Revo brand name & fraudulently make "Revo lens" claims, and they end communication.

I have been a VERO Rep for Revo Sunglasses on Ebay three years ago. Their online reporting system, where you can report up to 10 listings each report--returns no action--ever. If I take the time and expense to complete a paper form, that allows reporting of just three listings, and then fax it (long distance), then I have experienced the removal of those three (3)  listings. Faxing in this report, which included just those 3 listings cost $4.75, at the local Kinko's.

However, Ebay, at any given time, allows over 1000+ fake, fraudulent Revo "Lens" sunglass listings (well over 60% of the search results that return). For me, or any other legitimate VERO Rep to effectively report over 1000+ fake and fraudulent Revo Sunglasses listings per week, I need to complete over 333 paper forms, and then fax them to Ebay

Do you think I am exaggerating?? Well as of today, 8/26/2011, in just 10 minutes, I've been able to pull up over a dozen sellers of cheap, Chinese sunglasses, who are making fraudulent "Revo lens" claims to slang their plastic crap. There are literally dozens of these sellers, just on Ebay. A couple of them not only sell these pairs individually, but they wholesale giant boxes of these cheap, crappy shades--saturating the market & online world with garbage--and dragging down the paramount, optical-quality reputation of Revo Sunglasses. Here are over two dozen Ebay Sellers that fit this shameful, and literally criminal profile, as of today:

ZeroUV, OCee_Sunglasses, neovisioneyewear, sharpko, horsemann12, s2usilverwerkz2008, hd-sunglasses, rock-mart, styleswithoutlabels, thediscountextravaganza, new-glasses, sageventures, 106shades, hawwk9, nettrader4u, triple-optic, sunspecs_emporium, bpmc90, juicyorange714, giatrading, gianpinco, max_focus, dusktodawn, outstandingdiscoveries, bdize_australia, fiorieyewear, al*82385, planet-direct, bboytman, storiwell

ZeroUV, OceeSunglasses, and Sharpko are three of the most blatant offenders. These three sellers have been pushing fraudulent, cheap, Chinese, fake "Revo 'LENS' Sunglasses" for nearly a decade. One, or two of them have been doing this since 1997 & before. At least one of them is selling giant, wholesale lots on Ebay as well. I have purchased from each of these sellers, during my experiment to see if these claims are legitimate--and all of them sold me cheap, fakes, with nothing that was authentic to the claims of having "Revo lenses". OCee, was nice enough to pay for return shipping and reimburse me in full. Most other sellers, including several not mentioned in this paragraph, but cited in the offenders' list above will coercively force you to leave positive feedback, in order to have your return and refund processed!

Ebay likes to claim that they 'cannot police themselves', and that they rely on their buyers, sellers, and online community to report abuse. Well, I'm here to inform everyone--for the rest of my life--that EBAY IS COMPLICIT IN FRAUDULENT 'REVO "LENS" SUNGLASS' SALES, SEVERAL THOUSAND TIMES, EVERY YEAR, AND THEY HAVE BEEN SINCE AT LEAST 1997. I have contacted Ebay several times about the appalling experience of trying to find authentic Revo sunglasses on Ebay, and as a result have had the absolute, most disappointing, and  bitter experience of my online life. Want to find out more? Email me with questions.

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