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​Revo H2O Sunglasses


The H2O Collection offers all the benefits of Classic Revo lens technology, including enhanced contrast and complete sun protection, while blocking up to 99% of polarized glare. In addition, the neutral H2O lens features a special multi-layer, anti-reflective coating. Revo H2O is ideal for anyone who experiences the unwanted effects of polarized glare. This is especially true for boaters and fishermen, who need to seel well in order to spot fish or hazards below the water's surface. Similarly, drivers, who are faced with irritating polarized glare from the surfaces of windshields and roads, find huge benefits behind Revo H2O lenses.

Revo sunglasses have cultivated a strong, loyal customer base. Many of theses customers prefer the benefits provided through the H2O lenses, and they settle for no other. Many of these people spend a lot of time outdoors, or when they are outdoors, they recognize that by such blocking such intense glare, they significantly improve comfort, and quality of life--as well as protect their eyes. This reliable customer base grew even more dedicated when the H2O lens was combined with some of Revo's elegant and refined executive frames.

In 1997, H2O lenses were made available in a wider slelection of Revo's most popular, high-quality frames, in order to sut the most discriminating tastes. For those who want enhanced vision as well as state-of-the-art polarized lens technology, look no further than Revo's H2O lens. Sadly, current-day production models of Revo's (such as the Revo Hitch, Undercut, Discern, Abyss, etc.) no longer offer H2O lenses, only Revo "P" polarized lenses.

Not all Revo H2O lenses are polarized. Similarly, not all Revo polarized lenses are H2O lenses. A good portion of H2O lenses were also outfitted with layers of proprietary film that provided polarization, but the combination is not mutually exclusive. H2O lenses will be designated as such on the exterior top corner of the right-side lens (as when wearing). Revo polarized lenses will be designated as such on the inside of the left arm as "polarized" and/or have "Revo "P"" printed on the top corner of the left-side lens (as when wearing). Finally, only a portion of the sunglass models and lenses were manufactured with either H2O, or polarized lenses.

Sometime in the early 2000's, the research Revo had been investiin polycarbonate lenses. When they released the featherlite, titanium, frameless models, te H2O lens was part of the bundle. These models are unique, and worth having a pair. The Revo polycarbonate lens is extremely shatter-resistent. However, my experience has been with these models (in comparison to the polycarbonate lens models being produced now for models (such as Mooring, Highside, Efflux, etc.), has been that they are easily prone to scratching. I have more I can say about the polycarbonate lens, but will save that for a specific "Revo Polycarbonate Lens Page" to come, in the very near future.

Unlike normal light waves that vibrate in all directions, polarized light waves all vibrate in the same direction, creating a special kinnd of glare. Bright, flat surfaces such as water or pavement, are the primary sources of polarized glare. If you take two polarized sunglasses and hold one in front of the other, then rotate one 90 degrees, the view through the lenses becomes black. This is the polarizing fliter working. Because they block polarized light in both the vertical and horizontal planes, very little light can get through.

​Vintage Revo Sunglasses

I absolutely love vintage Revo sunglasses! I have owned Revo sunglasses since 1987. Revo sunglasses are famous for unmatched quality, offering optical candy for your eyes. As a student in high school, I would read the periodical, GQ monthly, and was very much into sports and looking sharp. As many people may remember, GQ used [...]

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