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​Vintage Revo Sunglasses

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I absolutely love vintage Revo sunglasses! I have owned Revo sunglasses since 1987. Revo sunglasses are famous for unmatched quality, offering optical candy for your eyes. As a student in high school, I would read the periodical, GQ monthly, and was very much into sports and looking sharp. As many people may remember, GQ used to have Revo sunglasses ads monthly. Each ad was striking–introducing brightly colored mirror lenses on the exteriors. Print ads showed brilliant red, blue, green mirrors on the outsides of relatively large, nylon plastic aviator frames that seemed to glow an inch off the faces of the models on the page. Revo branded itself as an innovator of eyewear style and fasion, as well as the manufacturer of top-of-the-line optics for those who -lead active lives involving sports outdoors. Early Revo publicity reached a peak in the late 1980’s when Chicago Bears quarterback, Jim McMahon could be seen wearing blue mirrored Revo Sixties and Revo Venture Aviators. Similarly, Don Johnson could be seen both off-screen, wearing his beloved classic Revo aviators, as well as on-screen wearing Revo’s as Sonny Crockett on Miami Vice.

Revo sunglasses were created by Mitch Ruda, an engineer for NASA. Ruda was an optical engineer, who had the brilliant idea to adapt technology developed by NASA, and apply it to sunglasses. This technology was a revolutionary coating developed and utilized to coat the portholes on satellites, in order to offer maximum protection from radiation in outer space. Only Revo sunglasses utilize this technology. Subsequently, only Revo sunglasses can boast 100% UVA, UVB, UVC protection, as well as 100% of harmful infrared.

Revo sunglasses quickly became a worldwide success. The company has been purchased several times over the years, being owned by Bausch & Lomb, as well as Luxotica along the way. Production runs initially began in the USA, then moved overseas. Revo sunglasses have been produced in France, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, and China, in addition to the United States.

Revo has cultivated a dedicated following of loyal repeat customers. Most Revo aficionados prefer vintage models, which featured glass lenses, bright colored mirror exterior lenses, large aviator frames, and/or stylishly-designed metal executive frames. While the quality of the optics in modern day Revo’s remains, the vintage styles have given way to plastic sports-wrap frames and lightweight polycarbonate lenses. Unfortunately, the styles, and quality of many of the specific models that customers have fallen in love, are long out of production. Current Revo sunglasses models are all very similar in their design. I believe the target market for current Revo’s are primarily males, age 17-33. This type of market focus overlooks the growing age gap of the market segment Revo has already cultivated. However, the pinnacle of optical quality keeps customers returning to Revo sunglasses, even 27 years later. Revo’s ongoing focus of appealing to young, active males, has resulted in a large demand for the classic Revo style found only in vintage Revo sunglasses.

Everybody has their own personal preferences. Personally, I love the bright blue, green, orange, and gold mirror lenses. I also love nearly all of the metal executive frames that Revo has producted. Gold mirror lenses were only produced for a very short window, on only a couple of models. To find them is incredibly rare. Green mirror lenses are striking, and relatively rare. Bright blue mirror lenses are very striking, and fairly rare–especially considering Revo doesl not produce any new models with this lens finish. Some people prefer the silver-sleekness of the stealth blue mirror lenses–which maintain the famous mirrored-Revo lenses, while subduing the intense exterior colors.

Originally Published: August 2012 on vintagerevosunglasses.wordpress.com