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Discontinued Revo Sunglasses

Discontinued Revo Sunglasses

Discontinued Revo sunglasses are the most highly sought Revo sunglasses made. The reason for this, is due to the limited production numbers, fanatically-loyal customer base, and Revo's unparallelled opticlal quality. Many of these models can now be considered officially vintage, being over 20+ years old. Visit my ALL Revo Sunglasses Online Store for a huge selection of discontinued Revo Sunglasses. The following section was taken from 1997 discontinued Revo Sunglasses Order Guide:

Today, more than ever, people are discovering that wearing Revo sunglasses transcends the ordinary sunglass experience, and [these people] are seeing that Revo offers visual performance unlike anything else that's out there. Since 1985, when we adapted lens technology from NASA's space program, we've been working diligently to ensure that every person who tries on a pair of Revo sunglasses gets the most advanced perfromance and protection, in stylest they are motivated to wear wehenever they're outdoors.

Part of our success can be attributed to our unique method of developing a sunglass. Unlike many companies, before we develop any new sunglass, we attempt to understand the person who will be wearing it. We want to know where, when and why he or she wears sunglasses, and to understand exactly what he or she needs. Then we design advanced sunglasses to meet those needs. Te ideal lenses. The ideal frames. The ideal application of technology to create a work of art.

The result is a family of sunglass collections that far exceeds expectations. Each collection can be thought of as a unique and seperate business oppotunity, and a way of broadening youyr customer base. As always we are constantly refining our collections to meet customers' needs and provide the most cutting-edge technology available. Some of our newst offerings this year include the Goggle--the first performance ski goggle to actually enhance vision in all weather conditions--and the Clip Collection, which provides prescription eyeglass wearers with all the benefits of Revo sunglass perfroemance and protection in the convenience of a clip. We've also incorporated a new lens technolog in the Traveler (TM) Collection, expanded the breadth of frame styling in the H2O (TM) Collection, and enhanced the lens technology and frame styling in the Degrees (R) Collection. One of our goals at Revo has always been to exceed expectations. Yours. Ours. And of course, our customers'. Thanks to your help, we've  been more successful than we ever thought possible. We have very great expectations for the future. And we plan to exceed those, too. We hope you'll join us for the ride.

Indeed, everyone who ever purchased a vintage pair, of now discontinued Revo sunglasses has enjoyed a more-detailed, more color-filled ride through this blinding world. Fortunately. Revo lens technology remains proprietary. While the glass lens has taken a back seat, in modern current-production Revo models--their state-of-the-art polycarbonate lens has incorporated all the technological benefits of previous Revo lens layering, for enhanced optical color and clarity.

Be aware of fake Revo "lens" sunglass sellers, who sell cheap, Chinese sunglasses with colored mirror lenses, for prices ranging between $1-$35/each, and claim that the lenses are Revo's. Shamefully, you can find over a dozen sellers on Amazon.com slanging these. You can not purchase *vintage* discontinued Revo sunglasses on Amazon, because they require a UPC code for every listing, and authentically vintage Revo sunglass UPC codes, essentially no longer exist (at least, until someone comes forward & shares--if that information truly still exists). Searching for discontinued Revo sunglasses on Amazon, reveals a combination of current models, such as Hitch, Discern, Belay, etc. (as well as a couple of the Featherlite, titanium/polycarbonate models), and a flood of cheap Chinese sunglasses from sellers fraudulently claiming their low-quality frames have real Revo lenses. .Absolutely infuriating!! H

Even more appalling, you can find literally *dozens* of sellers on Ebay--selling OVER 1000 FRAUDULENT REVO "LENS" SUNGLASS LISTINGS! Searching for discontinued Revo sunglasses on Ebay is a bad game, where the odds are stacked against you, unless you are highly informed. I have contacted Ebay several times about this. They like to talk about their VERO program--who is headed by someone with a G-Mai email address--and they do not respond, or take action when contacted. I am saving more on this rant, for another page.

Buy Discontinued Revo Sunglasses, safely--from my *Only* Vintage Revo Sunglasses Online Store!