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Prescription Revo Sunglasses

Revo Prescription Sunglasses

All authentic Revo Sunglasses offer paramount optical quality, clarity, color-enhancement, and glare reduction. Obtaining this quality of vision for a significant portion of the population who require prescription eyewear, has been available through the Prescription Lab at Revo throughout most of Revo's production. Revo prescription sunglasses are offered in all of their current models. Most of these models are active "wrap"-style, plastic frames with polycarbonate lenses (at least in the mass-produced models, pehaps you can get glass lenses through their Prescription Lab. The following is taken from their "Presrciption:page, on their website: http://www.revo.com/technologies/9-authentic-rails_prod-prescription/

Revo is proud to fill prescriptions in [their] state-of the art optical lab. Your prescription is unique to you and your eyes and that is how Revo approaches every prescription sunglass that is custom-manufactured at our in-house facility. U Using digital processing methods, Revo is avle to provide sunglass lenses that meet your individual prescription needs. Revo Authentic Prescription lenses cobine sophistacted engineering and industry leading digital technology to deliver a lens that's specially customized for each individeual eye. The result is exceptional clarity and comfort with reduced eyestrain. Experience prescription sunglasses like you've never experienced before.

Most sunglasses cannot be customized. And since every customer's eyes are different, the need for a custom eyewear solution is crucial. Without a customized solution, prescription sunglasss customers will experience distortion, which leads to eye fatigue and headaches. In fact when integrated with Revo frames featuring our patented Motion-Fit(TM) design, these advanced lenses imiprove the range and clarity of vision to levels virtually unnoticeable to the human eye when transitioning between prescritption glasses and Authentic Revo Prescription sunglasses

Luckily for customers seeking Revo Prescription Sunglasses, the custom Prescription Lab is running strong, and offering customizable lenses in every current product. For a while in the middle-to-late decade of 2000-2010, individuals requiring prescription eyewear were left without the assistance of the Revo Prescription Lab. Sadly, there are no services available for vintage Revo sunglass aficianados. Discontinued Revo sunglasses are just that--discontinued, and no longer available--parts and service for these models are no longer available, or supported. Although many of Revo's customers are fanatical and dedicated to the styles and quality of past, vintage and discontinued Revo sunglass models, very few options exist beyond purchasing a new model. However, if you look hard enough, there are still rare options for vintage Revo sunglass fans--in the form of the vintage Revo Clip Collection.

Original Revo Prescription sunglasses integrated the traditional Revo lens layering technologies with actual glass, prescription lenses. The process took several weeks from the time of selecting your model and lens finish, paying, and submitting your prescription requrirements to the Revo Prescription Sunglasses Lab, in California. In 1997, the Revo Clip Collection made a very noteworthy debut. This collection was released in "Ensembles" that included a current model frame (for your optometrist to fill), and a matching magnetized  sunglass clip. This release allowed the wearer to have their prescription lenses fit directly into one of their favorite Revo frames for everyday use, as well as enjoy the flexibility of Revo Sunglasses, by utilizing identical, clip-on sunglass frames--loaded with authentic Revo sunglass lenses, in a variety of lens types. I will creat another page, and write more regarding the classic, discontinued Revo Clip Collection.

Find out more about Revo Prescription Sunglasses at the Official Revo Sunglasses Website: http://www.revo.com/technologies/9-authentic-rails_prod-prescription/

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