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Revo Flex Collection

Revo Flex Collection Sunglasses

Following the success of the Shapes, Traveler, and Degrees Collections of the late 1990's, Revo released a new line of metal and plastic frame sunglasses called the Flex Collection, or by some, the Executive Flex Collection. These models are distinguished by their frame material, intended function, and model numbers--which are numbered in the 2000's, 3000's, and very early 4000's. Plastic frame Executive Flex models received model numbers in the 2000's (i.e., #2003, #2012, #2503). Metal frame Executive Flex models received numbers in the 3000's (i.e., #3006, #3025, #3076). Revo also developed several Sports Flex models in the early 4000's (i.e., #4001, #4010, #4023, etc.)  for some very dedicated and demanding customers who require a more active, full wrap-style frame.

Many of these frames retained styles that appealed to the original target demographic of single males age 17-35, while remaining relatively gender-neutral (easily wearable by either sex). The creation of this Revo Collection, helped solidify Revo as the manufacturer of not just the best lenses in the world for outdoors, but as a manufacturer of (one of, if not) the best executive sunglass frame styles ever made.

Many of these sunglasses are as highly sought by collectors as many other super-popular (and rare) Revo models (like the #953 Circle Executive, #962 Oval Executive, #973 Advanced Circle, #1111 Python, etc.). The most popular and highly sought models in this collection are primarily metal-frame Revo's, as they retain traditional Revo qualities such as artistically engraved metal frames, and active-wrap style frames, brilliant colored mirrror lens exteriors. However, some aficionados find they prefer the character of the nylon/plastic frames, which are able to convey a personality and style that appeals to intellectuals, active lifestyles, and some with femine qualities to appeal to the ladies.

The Revo Executive Flex Collection offer flexible, spring-loaded hinges in almost all models. One noteworthy exception to this is the Featherlite line, which combines Revo's proprietary polycarbonate lens technology, with very thin-wire, titanium to make a phenomenally light-weight, durable, and strong pair sunglasses. Occasionally, these models are referred to as "frameless" or "rimless", which some might dispute--as each pair still maintains a titanium-wire nose bridge, in addition to the arms (which do not have spring-loaded hinges). Revo's proprietary polycarbonate lens technology produces lenses that are extremely shatter-resistant. These frames appeal to many Revo fans, since they can easily be worn with a suit, or jeans.

I can enthusiastically recommend all of the Revo Flex Collection, except for a small handful of the featherlite, titanium/polycarbonate lens models. I live in Oregon. On an 85 degree day, I found one of these models--with the stealth blue flash lens exteriors, appeared to have shriveled and cracked--on the outermost exterior layer of the lenses. The lenses were still intact--but the stealth blue mirror exterior looked like it had shattered. This outermost lens layer, essentially shriveled & cracked. Every fracture could be seen--like a spiderweb, or a shattered window. If this can happen in Oregon, on a day that is not even as hot as it gets in the summer, this has to have been the experience of many other Revo owners, who live in much hotter climates, then Oregon. I will comment more on these models soon, on a new page, dedicated explicitly to avoiding this manufacture's defect. I have owned over a dozen featherlite Revo's and have not experienced this with the brown or grey lenses--only the stealth blue flash lenses.