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Revo Polarized Sunglasses

Revo Polarized Sunglasses

As of 2011, all current Revo sunglasses are polarized. This is not true for discontinued, vintage Revo sunglasses. Current Revo sunglasses do not explicitly contain H2O lens technology, however. Most Revo collectors associate Revo H2O lenses with polarized lenses. However, each lens layering technology serves a distinct and separate function. This blog post will focus on Revo polarized sunglasses, while differentiating between the H2O lens layering technology.

Polarized Light Explained

Unlike normal light waves that vibrate in all directions, polarized light waves all vibrate in the same direction, creating a special kind of glare. Bright, flat surfaces such as water or pavement are the primary sources of poalarized glare. Polarized lenses act like a screen to selectively block the glare.

If you take tow polarized sunglasses and hold one in front of the other, then rotate one ninety degrees, the view through the lenses becomes black. This is the polarizing filter working. Because they block polarized light in both the vertical and horizontal planes, very little light can get through.

Revo "P" Polarized Lenses

As fishermen have known for decades, polarized lenses enable the wearer to see into the water, and see things (like fish) underwater that you could in no way else perceive-- due to the changes in surface planes, glare, reflections, refractions, and translucent quality of submerged water. For fishermen the price of polarized lenses is a cheap investment for greater yields. Similarly, people leading active lifestyles often find themselves outside, where glare from cars, metal surfaces, windows, and water can be literally blinding. For many lovers of the outdoors, nothing will due--except polarized lenses.

Try going outside without sunglasses on a blinding day, and then go inside where it is dark--and you will understand the strain and damage the sun can do to your eyes after just a short time (then consider a lifetime of not protecting your eyes from the sun and intense glare of our modern world). Protect your eyes. Invest in the best, most technologically state-of-the-art sunglasses ever made, Revo's.

Revo H2O Sunglasses

The H2O (TM) Collection offers all the benefits of Classic (TM) Revo lens technology, including enhanced contrast and complete sun protection, while blocking up to 99% of polarized glare. In addition, the neutral H2O lens features a special multi-layer, anti-reflective coating.

Revo H2O is ideal for anyone who experiences the unwanted effects of polarized glare. this is especially true for boaters and fishermen who need to see well in order to spot fish or hazards below the water's surface and drivers who are faced with irritating polarized glare from the surfaces of windshields and roads.

In 1998 through about 2003, H2O was available in a selection of Revo's most popular, high-quality frames, to sit the most discriminating tastes. For those who want enhanced vision as well as state-of-the-art polarized lens technology, look no further than H2O. Shortly after this period, the H2O Collection stopped being produced.


If you're still somewhat confused, don't be alarmed. When Revo developed the "Revo "P" Polarized" lens layering technology, the focus was on incorporating traditional polarization technology which enables the wearer to see through water (think about the fishermen), and optimizing the quality of light that is allowed through the lenses, while blocking out unwanted glare. When Revo developed the "H2O" lens layering technology, they were focused on enhancing color while eliminating glare (glare that in large part, is polarized glare--but not entirely). The H2O lens was designed for a wider-range of applications then the Revo "P" Polarized lenses (which work fine for reducing polarized glare, but are still dedicated to the task of enhancing vision through water and water vapor).