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Revo Sunglasses Review

Revo Sunglasses Review(s)

I will be adding reviews on specific models on subpages that are available from this page, look for the hyperlinks and click on them for more information. Also, check out my wordpress site for reviews of authentic Revo Sunglasses:  http://vintagerevosunglasses.wordpress.com I provide an understanding of each Revo Sunglass Collection, I highlight specific models, and I share insight into Revo's proprietary state-of-the-art lens layering technologies. I provide professional experience, as a collector of more than 500+ pairs of Revo sunglasses, and as a daily user for the last 24 years. I have been building a very special collection over the last handful of years, while providing 100's of vintage Revo Sunglass aficionados with what are now, beautiful and rare investments. I have recently created this only *ALL* vintage Revo Sunglasses Online Store. I will be adding over 100 more exclusively Revo sunglasses.


For me, even after owning more than 500 pairs of Revo sunglasses, I do not have either a specific, favorite Revo lens, or favorite Revo model. I would agree with some vintage Revo Sunglass promotional material that asserts the technology in their Traveler Collection, Tri-Band lenses is the best lens for all-around use. If I want to be noticed, I do still prefer the classic style of Revo's colored mirror lenses in either the Shapes Collection or the Revo Executive Flex Collection.


I rarely used to wear Revo models from the Traveler Collection. But recently, even while having access to as many as 180 different models, I have consciously begun to choose these models--primarily for all-around visual comfort and clarity, but secondarily because these models are great values--and relatively less of a shock to the wallet if they happen to end up lost, or broken. Frames from the Revo Traveler Collection are primarily metal, with intricate artisan designs etched into the exteriors of the frames. These frames are subtle, elegant, powerful, stylish, intelligent, and slightly adventurous.


A similar Revo Sunglass Collection (for the same two reasons--overall comfort and clarity, and overall "dollar" value), is the Revo Degrees Collection. This collection features the refined look of a metal executive frame, combined with the all-around flexibility of the brown glass Revo Degrees Lens. Much like the green Traveler Collection Tri-Band lens, the brown Degrees lenses were developed to epitomize Revo's proprietary, state-of-the-art lens layering technologies--removing glare, enhancing color, providing unparalleled optical protection, and improving clarity.  These  metal executive frame styles, feature minimal artistic embellishment, only subtle, classic style and intelligence. They carry names such as: Michelangelo, Edison, Curie, Galileo and Einstein.


Vintage sunglasses from Revo's Traveler &/or Degrees Collections can still be purchased relatively affordably. These sunglasses can still be found from prices ranging between $100-$300.


This does not mean that I have given up my gold mirror lens Revo #1112, green mirror lens & gold frame #960, bright red/orange mirror H2O lens Revo #3025, or even my blue mirror lens Revo #953. In fact, I can frequently be seen wearing those, as well as my polarized lens #3004 Python Executives, original cable-arm Revo Grand Venture's, and polarized H2O Stealth Blue mirror lens #3030 Viper Executive Flex sunglasses. Revo made so very many magnificent sunglass frames, and so many beautiful and stunning lenses, that I will never be able to settle on just one pair. That's why I have just under 200 pairs.


Revo sunglasses have changed over the years. Talk to any collector, and nearly all will prefer the style and quality that only vintage Revo sunglasses offer. Modern Revo sunglasses are all very similar to each other, interms of style, material, and intended user. Current-production Revo sunglasses offer little of the style and characteristics that Revo became famous for. Essentially every model is an active, sports-style, plastic frame, with Revo's proprietary lightweight polycarbonate lenses. They are marketed toward their initial target demographic, of active young males age 17-34.


While Revo lens technology remains the pinnacle for optical sunglass technology--and since Revo lens technology remains proprietary, no other sunglasses brand compares in terms of optical quality, color enhancement, detailed clarity, comfort, and protection. Yet, while Revo's polycarbonate lens is designed to be incredibly shatter-resistant--it has been my experience that Revo's polycarbonate lenses are exceptionally susceptible to scratches. I must admit, I have not had as many years to evaluate the current models of Revo's, since they have only been in production for a couple of years. But, I do feel I have had enough time and experience with these particular models, and Revo's polycarbonate lens (in many dozens of applications), that I can confidently recommend Revo's glass lenses for long-term quality and clarity, over Revo's polycarbonate lenses.


This may be why current Revo sunglasses can be seen for what some might consider, disposable-prices. That is to say, I have seen current Revo models on sale at Sunglass Hut, and through other sellers for as little as $59. At this price, most current customers of Revo sunglasses can afford to part with the money if the sunglasses are lost, break, or become too scratched to use after one year. Luckily, in most cases Revo will provide a replacement pair, if you contact them and send the damaged pair of Revo's back to them.


Would you like to buy authentic Revo sunglasses? Visit my ALL Revo Sunglasses store, for a great selection of vintage Revo's, Revo H2O & polarized-lens models, new and used, with prices suitable for collector's & bargain hunters. I will be running periodic sales, so save this url as a favorite, subscribe to our newsletter, and visit us often:  http://www.vintage-revo-sunglass-store.com