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Revo Sunglasses Sales

Revo Sunglasses Sales


We Run Monthly Sales, & Offer Online Coupons for Automatic Discounts on This Page!


  • Here's our May 2012 Online Coupon Code--good for $40-Off Each Pair!!
  • Use: BWI9S4E7RZPM (During Checkout)
  • Expires: 6/4/2012



Save our site address as one of your favorites. As the website progresses, we will be running deep discount sales, and offering cheap prices to our repeat customers. I have been buying and selling classic, vintage Revo sunglasses online since 1996.


BEWARE BUYING REVO SUNGLASSES ELSEWHERE ONLINE, THERE ARE MANY FRAUDS SELLING FAKES! CALL REVO, ask if they have every sold their lens technology. Ask them if it remains proprietary! I have. Revo lens technology has never been sold!! Don't be fooled by sellers online with cheap prices, selling cheap (too-good-to-be-true) Revo sunglasses. If you are paying $1-35 for a brand new pair, you are buying fakes. You can see 1000-1400 of these listings on Ebay at any given time. You can find wholesale lots being sold for much less than $1/each. What do you think is being sold??? How can you trust *any* claims of UVA, UVB, or UVC protection, (when you are paying so very little, and they are buying them for even less than half that price)?? 


Buy Discontinued Revo Sunglasses, safely--from my *Only* Vintage Revo Sunglasses Online Store!