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Revo Sunglasses - Traveler Collection

Revo Sunglasses - Traveler Collection

The Revo Traveler (TM) Collection  was initially released around 1992. The Traveler Collection, were a much more refined sunglass collection, which incorporated intricately crafted artistic embellishments, engraved/etched into the exteriors of an array of executive frames. Revo Traveler sunglasses feature a green glass lens, known as Revo's proprietary "Tri-Band" lens. Some Revo collectors regard these lenses as the most color-enhancing, detail-enhancing, and best overall, to be produced by Revo. These executive frames were offered in a variety of traditional metal finishes, such as antique gold, antique bronze, pewter, antique copper.

Many Revo aficionados who prefer the Traveler Collection, prefer the executive frame style. They love the unmatched clarity and protection that only real Revo lenses can offer. But they want a more mature and elegant style then the brightly colored-mirror lenses that initially helped gain Revo much notoriety.

The truth is, as any Revo fan will tell you--is that Revo lenses are the best lenses ever made. Created by a NASA optical engineer, and remaining proprietary to the Revo company (regardless of what sellers of cheap counterfeits on Ebay and Amazon will try to say)--only authentic Revo sunglasses have Revo lenses. The quality of vision that the Tri-Band lens offers is full of color, rich detail, and increased depth, while effectively blocking unwanted glare, eliminating all UVA, UVB, and UVC rays (as well as harmful infrared). The secret to the success of the Tri-Band lens, is the multi-layering lens technology, that through state-of-the-art research.  Below is an excerpt from a 1997-1998 Revo catalog, regarding the Traveler Collection and the proprietary Tri-Band lens:

In the last five years, The Traveler (TM) Collection has evolved and expanded to become one of Revo's premier collections. This year, in addition to several new styles, Traveler features a newly enhanced lens technology, providing impeccable contrast enhancement for superb visual acuity in a wide range of light conditions. This is achieved by the lens' ability to "manage" light. It effectively controls infrared and shortwave blue light, and completely blocks UVA, UVB and UVC, allowing other visible light to reach the eye. Additionally, a multi-layer, anti-reflective coating adds to the superior performance of the lens.

Traveler sunglasses are designed to be worn any day, everyday, in any kind of daylight. The broad range of distinctive, California-inspired frame designs are a perfect complement to the understated lens. Frames feature intricate detailing, filigree and tooled logos, as well as handmade zyls. Two fo the newest styles--Presidio and Atherton--incorporate spring hinges for greater comfort and durability.

Revo lens technologies work very similarly to that of a graphic equalizer on a sound system. Just as equalizers can adjust audio frequencies to give you the best possible sound, Revo lenses manage light frequencies to give you the best possible view. State-of-the-art, proprietary, Revo lenses selectively transmit which frequencies pass through the lens--to give you the best possible visual experience.

One of Revo's most popular sunglass collections, The Traveler collection, features Athermic (TM) lens technology. This lens has its own unique transmission curve that peaks in green light and blocks shortwave blue to deliver superb contrast, clarity, and complete UV and IR protection Revo's proprietary Athermic lens technology features an advanced anti-reflective coating which reduces bounce-back light with high-efficiency. It is also hydrophobic, making it easier to clean. Traveler offers an understated appearance and the soothing aspects of a green/grey lens. When wearing it, the world looks clear and crisp, and your eyes feel comfortable. the broad range of distinctive California-inspired frame designs are a perfect complement to the understated lens.

Most of the Traveler Collection model numbers begin at 1200. Initial, introductory models had model numbers in the upper-900's--such as the #990. Most, if not all of the Traveler Collection consists of models: #990 Napa #1202 Mendocino, #1204 Monterey, #1205 Aptos, #1206 Saratoga, #1208 Tiburon (Small), #1209 Belvedere #1210 Woodside, #1211 Atherton, #1213 Presidio, and the #1214 Tiburon (Large). All of these models have metal frames, except the #1204 Monterey which featured a nylon/plastic frame available in either black, or demi amber (tortoise).

Connosieurs of Revo sunglasses, who have found a passion for the Traveler Collection, can still find these vintage, out-of-production sunglasses at low, relatively cheap prices. Many customers initially drawn to the unparalleled optical quality of Revo sunglasses, are drawn to the bright array of candy-colored mirror lenses that Revo helped make very popular. However, if you look a little further into the production line of sunglasses Revo has offered, you do not have to live or promote a flashy, colorful, or active/sports-related lifestyle. Vintage Revo sunglasses were produced in a wide range of (primarily metal) executive frames, available in the green Tri-Band lens, or in the neutral-brown Degrees (TM) Lens. The brown, Degrees Lens collection offers much of the same lens layering technology of the Tri-Band lens, while incorporating polarized lens layers, and Revo's patented H2O (TM) glare-reducing lenses.

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